Credit Rating Inquiry

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Trein Economy Bank, which has high quality services in the financial sector, supports its customers by finding solutions to their cash needs through many types of financing such as retail finance, land loans, housing finance, agricultural loans and vehicle loans.

Especially with the advantages of postponement of installments and postponed loans, it shows that people who want to use loans have an innovative bank understanding by increasing their options.

Bank customers wishing to take advantage of these advantages can be advantageous if they first conduct credit inquiry process through Trein Economy Bank.

This is because a consumer who learns a credit rating can easily find out if he / she will get prior approval before applying for a loan or if it does not get approval.

Learning Credit Rating Through TEB

Learning Credit Rating Through TEB

Since TEB provides credit rating inquiry service, individuals who will apply for a loan can benefit from this service at any time.

This important data, which will show your position in the financial sector, reflects your debt information to banks, your limits with banks and your payment performance. Those who wish to obtain a credit rating through TEB can do so at all branches of Trein Economy Bank.

In this way, you may find the opportunity to improve a payment negativity that you are not aware of as a consumer. When you go to the nearest TEB branch with your identity document and notify your customer representative, you can get your Findeks risk report in a short time.

Individuals wishing to learn the credit rating through TEB should not forget that only the Findeks risk report is given to the reporter or the legal representative and their representative. Third party reports are not given without the approval of the branch and without the knowledge of the customer.

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Another method you can consider for questioning a credit grade is to learn the credit rating from the bank’s mobile branch. Providing its customers with an easy-to-use CEPTETEB application for its mobile branch, Trein Economy Bank enables the Findeks risk report to be obtained through this application.

Note that your report will show payments for your active loan products that have been closed within five years.

You can use the CEPTETEB application by downloading the link from the official website of the bank. The information you need is your mobile phone number and the application you want to download from the relevant field.

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

Credit Rating

In this way, online service allows you to make inquiries in a short time and decide whether the type of credit you will apply for will be approved according to this note.

It is not possible to get credit rating via SMS via Trein Economy Bank. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the message inquiry service, you should use the SMS service of a different bank.